hdd not compatible with windows 11?

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Hey, so I recently discovered that my hdd was not detected by windows 11 or my bios. So i did a quick reupdate of my bios and saw that it was there afterward. then i logged into windows 11 and rebooted to open up bios again and to my surprise, the hdd was gone again... I tried this step 4 times and the same thing happened all the time. I mixed around with a lot of bios setting such as windows 11 setting but nothing worked. my friend who had the same problem but for windows 10 and with an ssd today fixed it somehow and I tried the same steps and many more. Nothing worked. To be clear, the hdd disappears after I launched windows 11 once.

If this is a bug I want to report it...

if not, then could my hdd be too old for windows 11? like, do they have some kind of thing that makes all devices from year x not work?

Does anyone have any clue or advice?



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