GSOD DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG on Windows 11 Insider Build 10.0.22581.100

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Hello all,

I have a Windows 11 install that is not liking the newest Windows 11 Insider Build (10.0.22581.100 (ni_release)).  The update downloads and installs fine, until it restarts to continue the update.  It will crash at 48% every time, and give me the Green Screen of Death and the DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG stopcode.


Aside from this, my PC has been very stable with no other BSODs/GSODs


My PC is an Intel 10900K, 64GB RAM, Nvidia 3080 FE with an Intel X550-T1, and Corsair peripherals I manage with iCue 4 (most recent version).


I have tried all of the common suggestions listed in similar threads, as well as the reputable sites Google has found for me, including:


  • Repairing the PC Registry with sfc/scannow
  • Inspecting the Volume Shadow Copy Service
  • Adjusting the system services with net stop wuauserv, net stop cryptSvc, net stop bits, net stop appIDsvc

To no avail.  Wondering if there is anything else to try, or if I should just wait for a newer version.



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