Group apps in start menu

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What I felt sad about in Windows 11 was the lack of grouping applications in the start menu, as in Windows 10.
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Hello! This idea space is reserved for ideas only around the Tech Community website, not about products (including Windows 11).


I'm moving your idea to the Windows Insider Program space - please post future ideas and thoughts on Windows 11 to that space. 

This is a good suggestion. Many people have suggested this functionality in the Feedback Hub for Windows 11. Perhaps they'll add the functionality in a future update. If you haven't done so already, you should make a suggestion for this request in the Feedback Hub... The more the merrier.




It's better to upvote and comment on existing feedback. That will make it more obvious if there are many people who want this and make it more likely to appear as trending. Here's one suggestion: 

If you know of any more please share the links.