Green Screens of Death build 176

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Win 11 build 176, this is the jankiest build I've seen since Vista. Watching a youtube video crashes my computer, it crashes when in sleep mode, crashes when trying to play games like FO4 or Minecraft. Green screen of death over and over again and I can't even screen record to show this happening. I'm on a brand new computer top of the line gaming setup (Ryzen 5 5600x, Radeon RX 6800 XT 32 gb of DDR4 Ram, NVME 4.0 boot drive).  All drivers are up to date. 

How do I fix this problem? No dump files are created for these crashes. Especially when they happen three, four, five times in a row like what happened to me this morning (9/5/21). 

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Revert back to 22000.168 if you can. Here is how (click Windows 10 tab for now which has the info):

If you can't do that try downloading and installing the 22000.132 iso from Microsoft's ISO page, and turning off Windows Update into the next Beta Channel build is released. Here:

If anything else just wait into the next Beta Channel build. Keep in mind Insider Program builds will have bugs, glitches, unstable builds at times which Microsoft is clear about: Info:

@Anthony  I understand they'll have bugs, but it's one thing to have a few bugs, a feature that doesn't work, and another where it's so unstable that something as simple as playing a video on youtube or opening a new tab causes a crash. Such crashes typically indicate incorrect allocation of RAM, or incorrect addressing of system resources. I can try to revert back to an earlier build, but if the underlying issue isn't addressed and persists with future builds then that's a problem.

I'll probably be resolved in the next build or upcoming future builds. It's really what the Insider Program is all about. Identifying these bug issues in Dev and Beta builds then reporting them so that these issue dont make their way into stable builds. Same with Edge Canary/Dev. Don't forget to report your founding bugs on Feeback Hub. Feedback Hub is located in Start Menu under All Apps.
I do report them, the problem is I can't provide any meaningful input as to the exact issue, ask I can't record it, trying to tends to cause the crash as well and the recording is corrupted (screen recording), and it doesn't produce a dump file with any meaningful info as to the cause. Saying it will "probably be fixed" is a problem for me, because it's not a guarantee. Again, it's one thing for an app to be bugged or some feature to be bugged, it's another thing entirely when seemingly a core aspect of the OS is bugged to the point that it's not functional.