Green Screen of death then no more windows

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So I had the insider preview to use the ubuntu shell tools, then while working in matlab the computer froze, gave me a grenn screen then I couldn't boot to either operating system I had installed. I used a live usb of linux to check the drives and the drive the windows was on is unreadable except a small unallocated partition. How can I fix this? really need this laptop for school, I didn't realize these builds would be this buggy and I'm used to playing around in linux distros for programming courses.

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Hi Jacob, 

Assuming your drive is an SSD, it is possible that there is some disk corruption. When this happens, the SSD, especially Toshiba drives will through up an error that looks like partitions have vanished. In fact, they remain intact but unreadable until after a power cycle. If you haven't already tried, remove battery or hold down power until it resets. At that stage, boot from a USB stick and perform a disk check on your drive. 

Apologies if you've already done the above...

Yes, I have a physical reset button on the side to recalibrate the battery, and shuts down power completely if it is unplugged. I was suggested to unplug the drive physically and re insert and I was also going to order an m.2 to usb adapter to try to recover another way if the previous failed. Its just under the motherboard and a pain to get to so haven't performed the surgery yet.