Going from a Dev build of Windows 11 to a release preview/beta channel without a clean install

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I've been enjoying trying out the Dev version of Window 11, but recent updates made it so unstable I can barely use it (e.g. right click only now rarely works). I'm keen to get back to Win 10 - whether the official release, beta channel or release preview - but apparently any downgrade requires a clean install. What's the next best thing if I don't want to reinstall everything? Wait for the next 11 Dev release and hope things are fixed?






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@sebkrier If it has been less than 10 days to your upgrade, then you may roll back to Windows 10 and join beta/rp channel and wait for Win11 to hit them but if the grace period for rollback has ended then I am really sorry to say that you have no option except for a clean install. I myself upgraded to Win11 using the dev channel but rolled back within 7 days because I was afraid of the risk that my pc could be damaged.

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Thanks for the reply - that's a shame, yeah I'm over the 10 day grace period so guess I'm stuck with this now. :)

The best thing to do if there is no option besides clean install is that ask your pc manufacturer if there is any recovery image provided with your pc or if it can be bought or downloaded for free so that you can restore it to factory state with all original drivers and pre-installed software and then update it to latest version(but first opt out of insider program) of Windows 10. You should make sure to backup your data first.
Thanks, I might try that. What I'm fearing is having to reinstall an extensive list of software, programmes, addons etc. C'est la vie I guess


I understand.
Currently, the Beta channel and the Dev channel. is designed for Windows11.
So you need to install Windows10 - 21H2

Yes, I'm just trying to find a way to do that without doing a clean install

If there are still problems, the solution is to download the ISO and install it manually.

please write how you manage to fix - it will be helpful to others.
But first you need to unregister from the Dev channel. - it is necessary!
I believe that by installing ISO you can leave your files - the installer should keep them, but a copy is necessary just in case
hey, im pretty sure im having the same issue you were having and ive seen that website you linked but how did you manage to get on an older version of a build? help appreciated :)