Getting new Insider builds without undoing WSUS settings


I have a Windows 11 Education VM that I keep on the Insider Dev channel for testing things as soon as they come out. Because I want to see how Insider builds would look in our production environment, this VM stays in an AD DS OU with various GPOs applied, including one that points clients to our organization's WSUS host. (client-side targeting)


The problem arises when a new Insider Dev build comes out. Obviously it's not going to come in from my WSUS server since we don't sync any Insider categories, but the "Check Online for Updates from Microsoft Update" button which should be bypassing WSUS, never pulls any new Insider builds. 


I always have to do one of the following:


A) Move my VM out of its OU to get it out of the scope of my GPO that sets our WSUS settings. Then it pulls Insider builds just fine.


B) Update via ISO. Which is not ideal , because ISO releases greatly lag behind actual release dates of Insider builds.


Option A only takes a couple seconds and is easy enough, but I was curious if there's any relevant registry settings that will simply let the OS find new Insider builds when clicking "Check Online for Updates from Microsoft Update" without undoing the client-side WSUS config?

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