Fixing things that aren't broken

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Windows 11 reminds me of other old versions of windows - which were horrible. Menus that didn't need to be moved have moved. Changing the function keys to do something else. Now I have to press the function key + whatever key I used to just have to press. As in F9 which I use for work. All the time. Now it's an annoying extra step I have to remember to take. And it can't be switched back to when F9 was F9, not Fn+F9.  


Now the task bar can't be relocated and even though I tell the settings to hide the task bar, it doesn't, and it covers important action buttons in most programs. And I can't move the task bar to the side. Like I used to be able to do. 


Stop 'fixing' things that aren't broken. If you want a better product, fix the things that need to be fixed. Line the thumbnail icon size in Windows Explorer. It appears to be a screen resolution conflict. High res monitors show the extra large thumbnails the same size as the smaller ones.


And the task bar that doesn't do what I tell it to.


It's the little things that are infuriating.

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