[FIXED] Win10 Build 19008 - Always and Constant High CPU usage: Speech Runtime Executable


UPDATE: Fixed in build 19013



Annotation 2019-10-25 150007.png


It has that much high CPU usage from the computer start to shut down. no idea why.


if you have the same problem, please upvote this feedback and from the "Add similar feedback" section, add your own system details and upload a crashdump file for it (you can create it from the task manager)



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Please up vote and add your system details to that feedback, thanks



Same problem here. And i came to note this (speech runtime exe) because I'm having a CPU usage (at least looks like it) since previous insider versions (this exact issue with this executable i just noted in 19008, cant say if it was there before). But the behaviour of my PC it's pretty weird in the last insider versions...  Every time i turn my machine ON, when i log into windows my system is weird, even the mouse cursor suffer from "stuttering", moving the mouse around and it keeps getting interrupted. Tried some aplications, super laggy... 


But now comes the weird part. I just start XBOX (Beta app) and run a game. That's it, fixed, windows normal, no more spikes, no more lag. 


Already checked for viruses and others... it's all right. 


My system is a Ryzen 3900X with 32GB RAM, Asus CrossHair VIII WI-FI, and a Galax GTX 1080. 


EDIT: Disabled Xbox related services and the initial spikes lag's are gone. Nothing related to the speech runtime executable, this one keeps using a lot of CPU. 

You can enable the services you disabled, open a new feedback, then from there click on "recreate my problem", try to reproduce it while it's recording and hopefully it will get all the data it needs and send it to Microsoft, after that disable the services again if you want

Just saw it in here:


"We fixed an issue resulting in speechruntime.exe using an unexpectedly high amount of CPU on the previous flight."