[FIXED] Can't Restart or Shut down my PC- Windows 10 insider build 18999 Fast Ring


UPDATE 10/18: We have released 20H1 Build 19002.1002, which includes a fix for the issue causing some devices to get stuck during shutdown or restart.



After upgrading to 18999 from 18995, I can't restart my computer or shut it down anymore. when I attempt to do any of them, the computer gets stuck forever in either "shutting down" or "restarting" state with the loading icon circling.

also the CPU usage goes up and I can tell it by reading the CPU temp number showin on my motherboard and CPU fans getting loud.

I have to hard reset or hard shut down by either pressing the reset button on my case or holding the power button.

the scary part is that it's not listen under the known issues in here:


anyone else having the same problem?


my specs:

i7 7700K

16GB RAM DDR4 3200Mhz

IGPU graphic card



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so many fixes in this build, could you give us some hints about when we are going to see big changes in fast ring builds? a new big feature or change, for example the return of Windows SETS or something like that? :)

Doenst work here either. Still doesnt shutdown. @Iain Fielding 

After the Windows update finished download and installing the update, I couldn't restart because it got stuck again, so I had to force reset using button on the case and after Windows loaded up, quickly restarted again from the start menu and only then I could get Windows to start finishing and installing the new build.
build 19002 was delayed 9 days (2 more days than the usual period between each new build) and yet it has a lot more known issues than the previous one. and it's all happening while there is absolutely No new feature added.
so one would think that when they fix 1 bug, they create 2 more somewhere else. it's like a never ending cycle..
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@HotCakeX Cumulatvie Update 19002.1002 has been released in the Fast Ring to resolve the restart issue.  We appreciate your patience!



Great news, thank you very much!
Yes I am, the latest version of windows 10 insider update just sticks on restart on me. It's been doing that since more than 24 hours ago. I keep killing the power and it starts up fine it's just when it tries to update, the required restarting the computer sticks. I didn't know if it's my computer going bad or the latest windows insider has problems.

@Eddie Leonard 


Confirmed, all solved with Cumulative Update 19002.1002 !

just to be sure, you did install the new update that was released After build 19002, right? which bumps your Windows version to 19002.1002.

Same here, cumulative update fixed it for me.

Unfortunately it introduced a horrible video lag (MPC-HC+madVR) in full-screen!

Had that before on several builds during the years, and same bugs magically reapers after x months...:unamused:

Is it using Hardware Acceleration? (GPU) ?

No, and not important as all worked in previous build, same settings and all.

As soon as I go full-screen the fps drop sharply and stuttering begins, if I only go to the seek bar (thus same resolution rendering), all works again in max fps (I have Fury GPU, that has more than enough strength for my madVR setting).



But this is a wrong topic for this, should start e a new tread. :smile:

Just wanted to mention it...

Yeah well I think you have to create a feedback too and do a problem repro while that bug is happening :)

The suggestion to restart immediately after getting a successful restart solved my problem. Thanks @HotCakeX 

That's good, but how about installing the latest update that fixes this problem entirely?