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Hello everyone!

Recently for the past few release previews, after updating sometimes you might get interrupted by a GSOD. I've got a lot of experience with these... And they're the worst. But this one in particular bugs be a lot, because many deal with it. So I wanted to share my confirmed fix, that I worked on with another Insider.

This works for the 0xc1900101 DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error.

Step 1. Uninstall previous release preview. DO NOT restart.
Step 2. Do a disk cleanup, clean system file, remove previous versions.
Step 3. Delete C:/WINDOWS/SoftwareDistribution (it will be D:/WINDOWS/SoftwareDistribution on some systems)
Step 4. Now you should be able to install the update without any issues.

*For optimal use after the update, don't forget to do a disk cleanup after to remove the previous stuff left over!

Hope this can help someone out!
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Thank you for sharing, there is article discussing about Blue Screen error: 

In case you enable Microsoft to collect log, dump files will be shared with Microsoft and user could also share the issue through Feedback Hub app.

Thanks Reza! I'll put something about this there.
Alright. That's strange to hear since when I did the update last night I got the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION GSOD during the update.
There is a BSOD/GSOD crash dump analyzer called WhoCrashed,
that might come handy if you want to find out more about the cause of it

@Angelina2552 0xc1900101 error is a generic error, usually driver related. Watchdog bugchecks are usually caused by drivers as well. This could very well be a different issue. Recommend you start by ensuring all your drivers are running the latest from the device manufacturer's website. Do not update using Device Manager or Windows Update. Please manually get the latest ones. Should your problem persist, please log it in Feedback Hub and share the link.



Yes, it can definitely be driver related. I've experienced that in other systems before that aren't running Insider Preview Builds. I didn't know that getting the builds directly online could solve the issue, I'll definitely try that. Thanks!

@Angelina2552 Seems I may have caused some confusion. Windows builds should still come from WU. The device drivers (network card, etc.) should come from the device manufacturer's website.



My apologies. That makes more sense. I already get all driver updates from the manufacturer. I'll double check and see if any require any additional updates.

I have also been facing this error too! if I open 2 tabs or more it shows a yellow, green, red flickering screen. I need help here. Somebody please tell me how to fix this issue. I am on Windows 11 Insider Build. Is my issue being caused by Insider Builds?
Hi! I would be happy to help you if I can. Can you please provide me with a picture of the error screen you're experiencing?