Fehlermeldung 0x800bfa07

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Wollte mit dem Windows Insider Programm das Funktionsupdate 21H2 bei Windows 10 64bit durchführen.
Bekomme die Fehlermeldung 0x800bfa07.
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No ... one new error message in "german language"
Maybe write in more detail what kind of Windows build you have, whether you are already registered in the Insider program.
Are you just starting out?
Have you had a preview version for a long time?
Build 10.0.19043 Build 19043
No Preview version of a long time

By my Notebook No 2 und No 3 not problems with the windows preview programm to update 21H2


I explain - a stable version of 21H2 for Windows10 has not yet been released.

But just wait and such an update will take place maybe in November.

If you want to participate in the Insider program, you must register.

Write it I will share the information you need.

Best regards


I'm register in the insider program. I found another solve.
It's function and 21H2 is on the machine.

Thank you at All