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I want to ask Cortana "How long till someone's birthday" and she should find that info from Contacts and answer me
Cortana should be able to use Outlook contacts' info, like their birthdays, and then answer when we ask her "How long till Mary's or John's Birthday". she can answer in months and days, like 1 months and 8 days till Mary's or John's Birthday. This is useful for planning things.

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I want to tell Cortana "Show me videos of something" and she should show me the results in a web browser
I want to tell Cortana: "Show me videos of something", like a computer game or movie, and I want her to open a web browser and show me video search results of that thing. can use Bing video search.

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Cortana should be able to search for a phrase in Windows Store
I want to tell Cortana: "Search for an app's name in Windows store" and then she should launch store app and show me the search results. very useful command.

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