Feedback Hub should have Video Recorder option to Recreate my problem


Currently, Feedback hub uses steps recorder, just like the program inside Windows 10. it's not useful when there is a visual glitch or problem happening because it doesn't capture the problem correctly and doesn't convey the required content.


the new Microsoft Edge's feedback system has "recreate my problem" feature too and in there is a feature to record the screen or a specific window, it saves the video recording in WebP format, very efficient format and adds a high definition video file to the feedback.


upvote this suggestion please:


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@HotCakeX I am having an issue where indexing is not working. But when I try to report it using the recreate my problem option on the hub and click to start recording,Went wrong.png


I get a "Something went wrong can't start the recording message. 

sometimes I get that problem too, try restarting your device and use recreate my problem again