Family Tree Maker 2019 App started having problems

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After a large Windows 11 insider update last week, I started getting the error message –

"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

with my Family Tree Maker 2019 App.   It was working OK prior to that point.

I went to the wrong place to get support (not insider location) case 1038181507. Please help me solve this problem - not enough information to give Family Tree Maker Support if it is their problem.

Ed Deshields 

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I apologize, it appears that you were sent here in error. Tech Community isn't a support site and isn't generally going to be able to provide the assistance you need for something like this. The best place is actually the Windows Insider forum on another one of our websites, the Microsoft Answers Support Community. The direct link for that is below, and then just click at the top of the site where it says "Ask a Question". Sorry for the run around, I know it hasn't been the best experience for you. I help run the Answers site though, so I am confident it is the actual spot you need to be.

I never got any help with Windows 11 Insider and the problem with Family Tree fixed but after a 2-day process of an extremely difficult uninstall of the latest insider build I have 70% of my Apps reinstalled, most without too many problems (Outlook is causing the biggest problem) and I tried Family Tree Maker 2019 and it works OK.  The problem is definitely the Windows 11 Insider build.  Windows Insider is something that without support people should stay away from unless it is on an unused PC.  A really bad experience for me - Ed