Facing Repeated Blue Screen Problem

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I just upgraded my Laptop to Windows 11. But it kept on crashing every time and with bluescreen showing STOP CODE (CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION). It's kept20230126_235020.jpgScreenshot (1).png on doing every 5 min. I even not able to use my laptop. Please help me in this regard.

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Hi @Maaz_2210 

Unfortunately this is a difficult problem, please read this article:

7 Methods to Fix Stop Code Critical Structure Corruption Error[2021] (wondershare.com)

@A1 The information you provided is for Windows 10. I just upgraded from windows 10 to 11. Then this issue started.


Please share the development for Windows11, I would love to see the differences!

Of course, please remove the phone number (Pakistan - Karachi)- it is not safe and do not trust fake technical support (Microsoft does not call)