Explorer.exe keeps crashing every few seconds

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I am facing this problem where my windows keeps on crashing explorer. I currently run the dev channel of Windows 11.

A video of what is happening right here - https://streamable.com/0q28xs

I have attempted to use the windows 11 dev channel iso, but my version of windows is too new and I can not attempt a repair in place. I unfortunately can not afford to wipe my drive, since I have a lot of ongoing project and not close to enough storage to back it up, because it is all on my boot drive

SFC and DSIM used, they seemed no help. I saw no report of this on the windows 11 support forum. However, my Windows is telling me to update, but I refrain myself because my windows is already unstable before this started happening today. I did not update so that the beta iso can be new enough to update (when the newer one comes).

Booting into safe mode gives me just black background and cmd on top of it, nothing else. I am able to open application windows, but none of the desktop is responsive. From using Ctrl+alt+delete, I am able to open task manager, where I can use it‘s run feature to run the applications I need.

HOWEVER, once my explorer has been run as a second instance, when the explorer is crashing, the window of the other instance seems to be alive. Interesting

If anyone does have a solution, please do let me know. My windows preview version is visible on the bottom right of the video. Thanks in advance

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