Error Windows 11 Insider Preview 22494.1000

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Al instalar la actualización a la versión 22494.100 me indica que no puedo instalar la versión de Windows. He probado a reparar Windows Update pero sigue dando error. Tengo cuenta con Windows Insider desde hace mucho tiempo. 

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Have you ran the PC Health Check App to verify your hardware meets the requirements?


@Eddie Leonard 

Yes! I ran it before installing Windows 11. I've being stalling updates without any problem. Here you can see a screenshot of the PC Health Check App.



" Users updating from Builds, or earlier, to newer Dev Channel builds using the latest Dev Channel ISO, may receive the following warning message: The build you are trying to install is Flight Signed. To continue installing, enable flight signing. If you receive this message, press the Enable button, reboot the PC, and retry the update."

 There is a tip in this blog perhaps it will be helpful.

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 | Windows Insider Blog


Hi! @Andrzej1 

I've checked on my computer and Flight Signed is enabled. Also I tried downloading the ISO and try to install it but it appears the same message.

@Cris_Garay Hi

Of course, this is the final step, but it is worth considering:

 Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10 (