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I upgraded to Windows 11 and got quite disappointed that the super feature of drag and drop to copy files into other directories or to attach files onto email or any app is just missing.


Kindly let me know if this feature is planned to be brought back.




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Hello @sriahuja,


Drag and drop is now supported on Windows 11 build 22557 or later. Reference can be found in official post of 22557, under Changes and improvements > Taskbar.

Drag and drop is now supported on the Windows 11 taskbar. Quickly drag and drop files between app windows, by hovering over apps in the taskbar to bring their windows to the foreground. Try attaching a file to an Outlook e-mail by dragging it and hovering over the Outlook icon in the taskbar to bring the window to the foreground. Once in the foreground, drop your file into the e-mail to attach it. You can also customize your taskbar with your favorite apps from Start’s All apps list by dragging and dropping over the taskbar to pin them. You can also drag and drop to the desktop via “Show desktop” at the very right corner of the taskbar.


Hope this answers your query!

@Kapil Arya My version is 22621.963 - still doesn't work.

@Kapil Arya: I'using Window 11 22621.1265, but the dragndrop still doesn't work.

I also upgraded, then updated to the latest version, I even contacted support and was on the chat with an agent for like an hour...to no avail. It is still not working!!

@Kapil Arya 


No, as everyone else is saying, drag and drop is not on the taskbar and anyway that's not where we want it!  It's a completely basic facility, you just click on an item and drag it through the tiers of folders till it gets to the destination you want.  Then you let go.


I can't think who on earth thought it a good idea to get rid of this but please can Microsoft just bring it back!


Think: how do you move photos quickly and easily from the photos folder they download into, to the eg Family, Holidays or whatever folders?  The only way to do it without a nervous breakdown is drag and drop.  Please THINK, Microsoft teccies!

Highly recommend you to submit your views via Feedback hub, as Microsoft mayn't be acknowledge your feedback via this forum.
Je viens d'installer la dernière MAJ et rien ne fonctionne correctement, plus de glisser déposer, plus de raccourci clavier

@ElizabethForbes Of course we want to drag and drop between folders, but do not underestimate the need to be able to pin files and folders to the taskbar!  At this point, it is my biggest complaint!  I know you can pin folders by right-clicking on Home in file explorer, while in the desired folder, but we shouldn't have to, nor should we have to rely on the recents list to pin things to our jump lists.

@ElizabethForbes my drag and drop is no longer working since I upgraded to Windows 11. I have tried all the different solutions provided in various articles to no avail. 


Hi @billpal2005, Microsoft has removed this drag&drop feature on Window 11. Actually, we don't know why they removed it.
I'm having problems locating drag a d drop I've updated Windows 11 a zillion times its deeply frustrating,

Come on Microsoft what's so hard to send us a update

Even though Microsoft re-introduced taskbar drag & drop capability in Windows 11 with 22H2 update in September 2022, that didn't work for me. It turned out that this was because I had UAC (User Access Control) completely disabled in registry (that's what I always did on my computers since Windows 7 days). I enabled it again under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System by setting EnableLUA back from "0" to "1" and then taskbar drag & drop started working. Microsoft forgot to fix this.