display brightness control not working

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Hello all,

Currently I'm using Windows 10 insider preview OS Build 17133.73. 

I;m not able to change the display brightness.  I have tried all the available solution on web such as updating/reinstalling display driver, Switch to microsoft basic display adopter etc. 

None of them seems to work.

Please help.



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Today I installed official version release yesterday: same brightness problem.

Same Issue since yesterday. My old Dell XPS L501X display is on full blast since yesterday, nothing is working to change brightness. My laptop is 1st gen i5 and only from Intel HD graphics driver, I am able to reduce brightness as some have pointed out in reddit post. Please resolve this bug Microsoft



I have the same L501x model as you do. I've found out that if you disable sensor services in services.msc in Win 10 v 1709 you get the same issue as in v1803. I believe it's a sensor service issue. Since you are running v1803 can you please check if you disable and re-enable the service fix the brightness issue?



I have downgraded to last major update (Creaters update). As it was impossible to work with always blinding max brightness. Sorry, cant check.

Me too, I will try in a few months... after MS solves the issues in v. 1803! I blocked the feature update using PowerShell... I'll post later if I run into any issues... so far so good!


I did a fresh reinstall on version 1709, not a downgrade. The MS tech (the official one) told me that the brightness function was removed by MS in v1803 and they rely only on the device MFG to implement this feature... He said that even if I downgrade it will still not work.... so I did a fresh install... I don't believe those Help and support MS tech (official ones from MS) since they were never able to solve any of my issues... but still, if that's the case we will have to stick with v1709 for a long time...

MS is pushing hard on v 1803update on my dell l501x ... any solution for the brightness issue?


its not been resolved. I have come down to 1709 update and in advanced, changed to Semi-annual channel instead of semi-annual targeted, which will help in buying some months of time till Microsoft forces new feature update on you. and you can defer feature update by max no of days. That's the only hope for us as Microsoft is not resolving this blunder of an issue.