dism, wsl: lost all the translations

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Build19559 - 19569
LanguageChinese (Traditional)
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Includes wsl.exe and dism.exe, the translations that was localizated before are English.


Figure 1: wsl.exeFigure 1: wsl.exe

Figure 2: dism.exeFigure 2: dism.exe

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The feedback link is not working "error server not found"
share the correct shortened link version
Oh, that's because I can't generate shorten link. I'll correct it after it works.
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Thank you for your feedback, we took a look at your issue and it was a temporary issue due to recent changes on the build binaries. We verify on the most recent Windows Insider build and this issue no longer repro, this commands should be now localized. If this repro again, please log a new issue and feel free to contact me for follow up.


Thank you!


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