Dislike Edge and updates have created sound issues. Any help?

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I am having sound issues since the latest update. Anyone else? What is wrong with Microsoft? I have run all the diagnostics and it says that there is nothing wrong. I have followed the required steps to try to improve it...Hardly getting a reading with the speaker and the microphone. The sound is so low that the voices are buzzing harshly...and yes, this is at 100%. My phone is working, so it is not the internet connection. All videos I access regardless of platform are impacted. My husband has also had these issues on his computer since the latest update, only a few days ago. They need to fix whatever they did. So tempted to buy a MAC. I also cannot stand the Edge platform. It is clunky and difficult to navigate, particularly in photos. The creators of this service have gone to extremes to destroy a once decent system. You have to wonder why, if it isn't broke, they try to fix it! At the moment, trying to access work required mandatory training is impossible, so thanks so much to Microsoft for another disaster I could have done without.

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