Disable windows update permanently

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I want to stop windows updates for good. I have tried several times from Services by stopping it and disabling it but it keeps getting activated.



After speaking with customer support they suggested to add this entry in registry andto delete everything in folder:


For a long time it was working fine up until a couple weeks ago when another CS agent suggested I should install media creation tool and Create Installation Media in order to resolve another issue I was having with microsoft installer. Case number: 1051785733

Since then updates start and then I cannot use my laptop as it freezes even doing the simplest tasks let alone something that more demaning like call via zoom or watch Netflix (sarcasm).

I need some sort of resolution for this as the system is completely disfuctional.

Your help is much appreciated.

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It seems you're on Windows 10. Can you share what version you've currently?

@Kapil Arya 

it’s Home edition.


Also after looking into this further I believe that “windows update medic service” is triggering “windows update”.

I tried to stop the medic service but it doesn’t let me disable it saying access is denied. 

You should go open gpedit.msc > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update to adjust local group policy.

thanks for your reply but I don't have it.
I pressed windows key and typed it and I got nothing onoly links to the web.
I tried through "run" and I get this message



Can someone please tell how I can permanently deactivate:
Windows Modules Installer
Windows Update Medic Service

I believe these two trigger windows updates.


Oh yeah, you're running with Win10 Home edition... That does not have GPO. :(

Then you may try the following third-party tool to stop receiving updates:



No guarantee for this tool!

@Little_JoeI think it has worked!! Thank you very much!

Would you happen to know what command I could type in registry to stop completely Windows Modules Installer?



Well, I'm not recommend that you trying to stop Windows Module installer... As in some scenarios it could cause the OS unstable...