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Well, I did experiment on my laptop. I cleen the hdd, downloaded the beta version and installed. Can not update to win11. The some laptop was running Dev version of win11. Look like is not in hardware but in software who can have win11 installed

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And the best part of it - win11 was working fine. Go figure
You cannot upgrade to Win. 11. Do not try. Your device is not compatible. You can only use Win. 10.
That is strange as I previously installed win11 on that laptop and all was working fine. Got to be a bug in compatibility software.
All working fine now. I found out that the tpm was not enable. I guess that the dev version will run on anything

Your image has the answer. Your device does not meet the requirements for Windows 11. I suggest you downgrade to Windows 10.

You kind of late. I guess that you did not read my previous post. Is all good now.
I was looking at your screenshot. If I had that message, I would not upgrade, to avoid future issues on my device.
I got that message on one of my desktops and installed anyway. No issues. But its not a primary machine.
I am surprised that you even installed Win. 11 when it is not compatible with your device. Never a good idea because your device will cause issues later on. I suggest you to downgrade to Windows 10 to be safe.