Dev Insider Black screen when opening Private & Securuty

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I have done 2 resets as after first had ended up not been able to open Private & Security to get any info.

Plus it comes up with a box asking me contact My Administrator .

Having just done another reset it is still the same 

It states:- Page not available.  --- Your IT Administrator has limited access to some areas of this App =======    Contact your IT Administrato for further instrructions

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See if this fix helps you:

Hope this helps!

Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.


Thanks Kapil for your help amd reply to my problem.

If I can update what I have done - the day before yesterday I was in chat with Andrew at Microsoft IT - he done a reset and cancelling ALL my files etc - bearing in mind I had already done the partial reset day before without luck on both attempts. So as I had lost all my files (thou had backed them up) I resulted in coming out of Dev Insider and downloaded Windows 11 ISO and it appears every is ok.

Thou prior to doing the ISO I had spent the evening doing what you have sent me - as I found it looking through Microsofts remedies for this problem that turns out to be quite common but unfortunately that didn't cure it - hence why I got frustrated and went to the ISO download.

This problem seemed to appear after the last Dev Insider update - so I'm still mistified.

The only thing that concern me is that I use a 3rd party security systen in Bitdefender - thou have used for over a year with no problems and I did uninstall  it before trying to sort the problem out.

So figures crossed everything will be ok but a mystery how this got onto the system and now rebuilding my Windows 11.

Thanks again and appreciate your help