Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.253.***.*)

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I really doubt the level of security as well as the features that this application brings, in one day there are 4 updates of this app from Windows ??? The features that it brings are really good for the user?

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Well, it helps you keep your PC protected.
please read my problem carefully. Of course it helps protect your computer, and I think you will not know why there are up to 4 updates in a day.

Four updates in one day were required because the first one did not record all of your keystrokes.  The second one recorded all of your keystrokes, but not your mouse clicks.  The third one got your keystrokes, browsing history, and mouse clicks, but did not capture and compress the microphone and camera data for retrieval by Google.  A future version will get your fingerprints if you use the fingerprint sensor, all passwords you have ever used, and a DNA sample so that Google can offer you a more pleasant and productive web experience, of course.