Decimal Separator keeps changing back

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Windows 11 on a HP ENVY All-In-One

Region: Deutsch (Schweiz) - German (Switzerland)

The decimal separator is set to a comma (,), which is wrong: 123,50

I start 'intl.cpl' to reset it to a point (.) which is correct: 123.50

After some time, even during a windows session without rebooting, the decimal separator changes back to a comma.

I check the region (see above) - it is correct.

What can I do?

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Am I in the wrong forum with this request?

@Kaiser_Software I have the same problem since 2 weeks. Did you found a solution?

No, I'm still clueless and got no support so far.

Same problem for few weeks now (maybe 3), on Windows 10 21H2.
On my side, it keeps on switching back from comma to -> dot(!), while in France we use the comma.


It looks like it's not an isolated issue as we are several to have the same problem, all for few weeks only. Would a recent software update have introduced the issue?


And the weird thing is the decimal separator is not always changing to the same one (like for every one it would switch to comma), but it keeps on switching to the "opposite" of what is first set.
If you need and set comma, it switches to dot.
If you need and set dot, it switches to comma.


Like all of you I guess, I keep on trying to identify what could trigger this switch and when exactly it's happening, but so far, I've not identified anything.

I've identify (for my case) a first lead: it's switching not after any software use or upgrade, but every week, on Sunday, around noon time local time :\

Last week it was Sunday in between 10h00 and 12h43 CET ( UTC+1)


This week I wanted to check more precisely but I forgot. It happened again today, in between 00h07 and 14h25 CET (UTC+1). I have a process to manually check with a dedicated Excel workbook that record every check.


So I suspect the switch is automatically triggered every week, Sunday, at 12h00 local time. By what, I don't know yet.


I've set alarms to control the exact time Sunday next week around 10h, 11h and 12h :smile:


Does it ring a bell for you? Do you see any scheduled mechanism that could trigger this switch?

@FlyThePlanet For me it's at EVERY reboot sadly...

Here it's not only after a reboot but also during a windows session - every day!