DCOM Server Process Launcher memory leak

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Hi, I'm experiencing a memory leak from the service DCOM Server Process Launcher, which comprises of


  • System Events Broker
  • Power
  • Plug and Play
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • Background Tasks Infrastructure Service

The memory usage slowly ticks over until my system is unusable.

I'm running windows insider build dev 21327.1000.
I was sent here after talking to an advisor where we completed a few steps, mainly checking if this happens on a second user (it does), and performing commands such as dism repair and sfc scannow. None of these fixed the problem. Does anybody have any advice?

(Please note that a system reset is not an option, or if it has to be, it's at the very last on my list of fixes and i'd rather not)

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I have also tried disabling the processes that I can and this does not fix the issue