Cumulative update for windows 11 version 23H2 (KB5036893) APR-2024 - settings not responding

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I have un issue after the last Cumulative update i did, there was no issue or error message during the update, however after update finished, following issues arised

1. taskbar won't load, the cursor show it is loading when but on it and lag if i click

2. settings does not respond at all, I tried Win + I and using "ms-settings:" in task manager both didn't work, Error 2147219200- pop up.

3. I cannot control volume, either through keyboard or keys in the side of my laptop "HP spector x360" I can control brightness through keyboard though

4. I cannot open anything in full screan ot it will crash.


windows Explorer and other programs works just fine, other than few lags here and there.
I have this issue for three days now and I cannot find any solution, please help.


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