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Creators Update causing issues with application

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We think we may have found the cause of an application issue. A PC that was running the app OK just starting slowing down after a windows update (1803 I think) It was ok with version 1709. I restored an image of the 1709 and the app is ok. So, I have to turn off the windows update service for now. I really would like to find a Win 10 Pro OS with version 1709 or earlier so I can get the client running while we determine how to proceed.

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Correction: 1803 is called April 2018 Update, not Creators Update (which was 1703).


I'm not sure what is the purpose of this topic. You tell that you need to find a Win10 PC. How can one help with that here? Also it would probably be better to at least provide app's name and maybe some logs (app's logs, event logs, etc.), so anyone with same experience could tell something useful.

Hi, I guess it's more of a FYI. some apps (mine is an EMR called Medinotes) are being impacted by the creators update. I'm trying to find a win 10 OS that is not a build after 1709. I will have to turn the windows update off until we can figure out which update is causing the issue.
Again, you are calling it wrong. Creators Update was 1703. Fall Creators Update was 1709 (which is still good for you). 1803 is just called April 2018 Update. I think you can still find an ISO of 1703/1709 if you look around, although it won't be from official MS page as they only provide latest version there. So there is a risk to download a tampered ISO. You can also try contacting developers of that app and check if they plan an update to make it work with 1803.

Thanks for you replies. We've told the client that she should use the system as it is without doing windows updates as breathing room to decide what long range plan she should put in place to resolve the issue. Atleast she has access to her EMR during this time ;) Thanks again

David, If there is a compatibility issue with the app. Microsoft will assist you through the new Desktop App Assure Program (check out I have not used the program (yet), but it is my understanding just open a ticket through FastTrack and they will contact you to help...for FREE! Hope this helps, and let us know if you use the service. Eddie