Cortana(Beta) cannot do anything but search.

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My Cortana(Beta) now can only do things search from the internet and pull the result. Can not accept any command related to programs such as show my lists, show my reminders, open OneNote and so on. However, Cortana(Beta) was working well with all of that when I used it at around one month ago.

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The Cortana version you are using is a beta version and will not be having all the features that the old version of Cortana had but Cortana will be getting upgrade through the Microsoft Store where features will be added.

The features Cortana has with select languages at the moment are as follows:

Note - The current version is 2.2005.5739.0  and  has added ability to check quotes of a company.Note - The current version is 2.2005.5739.0 and has added ability to check quotes of a company.




Thank you for your reply!

I have tried Cortana(Beta) one month ago and Cortana was able to show my reminders, set an alarm and so on. What I need to do was just type the commands like "What do I have next?" to Cortana, then Cortana would show my reminders. That Cortana was also a Beta version. And maybe I understand your reply.

Do you mean that the insider team has cut these functions of Cortana and these functions will be added later?

@Ao-Last Great to see that you have these features now. No, I don't think that these features will be removed for the normal release of Windows 10 and are removed for Windows 10 insiders only, I thought that applied to normal release users also because you told that features were not there. I hope that new features are added soon.