Computer won't stay asleep

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My Win 11 computer will stay asleep when I manually put it to sleep from the Start menu, but when it tries to go to sleep automatically, per Power settings, it immediately wakes up again. This has happened on two separate computers, an older one and a newer replacement, both built by me, with all different components except for a Radeon graphics card that I carried over from the older one to the newer one. Could that be the problem? (lastwake points only to the mouse and keyboard, which aren't touched.)

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Try update the graphic card driver.
Did you face this issue in the Windows 10?
Try update your firmware.
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

Thanks, Reza. Yes, I had the same issue in Windows 10. And I have tried updating the graphics card driver, but not the firmware. I will see if that is an option. 


Ditto for Feedback hub, thanks again!

Welcome, even if the problem have been solved, make sure report it using the Feedback Hub app so the Windows team would be able to investigate it.
Well, somehow the problem went away. I can't point to anything in particular that I did to fix it--but one day I just noticed that it was putting itself to sleep and staying that way, Fingers crossed. I did report it to Feedback Hub, referencing this thread.
Thank you for letting us know.