Cant leave insider program, Beta Channel option Blocked

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i entered the win 11 insider program in order to check win 11 our, a few months has passed and i want to go back a a regular use, however, i cant do it as the options are locked.


see below




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Hi, currently to leave the program immediately - you need to perform a clean installation of Windows10, or Windows11- stable version, unfortunately this is the only option. But remember that everything will be deleted, your files too.

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

@A1-A1 cant i do a reinstall keeping everything with the windows tool in order to install to an usb drive? wont it work?

The only way to go back to regular version is via clean install. If you use Reset this PC option, it will reinstall the preview version.


Unfortunately, if in the settings - you select leave my files, it will not be able to reinstall Windows!

You need to tick - ( nothing )

Good luck



will it delete all my drives data or ony the one in which the OS is Installed?



You need to disconnect all external drives and the hard drive will be formatted!
Just all your files will be lost!