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Whenever i connect my laptop to the wifi it either shows no internet or the wifi sign goes off. But when i connect my phone to the wifi it runs perfectly.

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Trying to uninstall KB500xxxx series of Cumulative updates those security patch are the reason cause such issues.
Had the same problem also, but I got it fixed, may I see the settings of your firewall?
Press the Windows key and type firewall and kindly screenshot it

@dona1603 Press the Windows key and type: Windows Defender Firewall and open (image attached) the encircled words.

Hope it works for you.
Oh you should type Windows Defender Firewall because that is a different part in the firewall
Hey it says Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem.
Oh... that's how I fixed mine though.



are these options/settings enabled?

The first three are enabled but there's no Windows Feature Experience pack in mine.
no need for that, also have you tried using a troubleshooter while connected to the internet(even though no internet)?

@dona1603 are your firewall settings same as the screenshot?



It should be the same as the settings above because the firewall settings would be blocking the incoming connections including wifi connections.

btw sorry for the late reply
Hey I can't click on any of the options in black bold( except Advanced settings and troubleshoot my network) in the left side neither can I click in the arrows beside Connected and not connected. I guess my Quick heal is blocking these
mhm... the settings should be the same as the screenshot is showed above
Why u guys keep look at FW??? This have nothing to do with FW!! As per my previously reply this is impacted by the Windows Security Patches... Pls try to uninstall KB5006670 / KB5005565 / KB5005033 or try to install the latest KB5007186 to retry.