Cannot update to Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610.1 (ni_release) - error 0xc1900101

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Failing update from 10.0.22598.100 to 22610.1.

Reaching 98%, then GSOD with error INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP.

Tried disabling antivurus (worked in last update) but this time I cannot install

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Solved with msconfig with option "Diagnostic startup". After upgrade normal startup

@lewmork I encountered the same problem. Except in my case installation does actually reach 100%, then the error pops up afterwards. I tried running the Windows Update Troubleshooter, but it didn't fix it. Get Help had some instructions, to repair missing or corrupted system files using the System File Checker tool, that too didn't fix it.

Try clean boot disabling all services except windows services. Also disabling antivirus

  1. Remove External Hardware: The first step you can do is to remove external devices, which includes docks, legacy printers, etc. Drivers for that often cause a block and make the update fail.

  2. Update your PC firmware: Often, an outdated BIOS firmware of your device would cause the update to fail. To update BIOS firmware, go to the support page of your device from the manufacturer, look for BIOS update and install it.

  3. .Attempt the upgrade in a clean boot state: A clean boot is a state of Windows with minimal programs and services running. Try attempting the upgrade by putting the computer in a clean boot state first, and then trying. Turn off clean boot after the update finishes. See here for instructions.

  4. Perform a System File Checker scan and try to repair existing System files. See the article here.

  5. Run a disk check: Often, disk corruption can cause an upgrade failure. Run a scan at boot and interpret the results.

  6. Uninstall anti-virus programs as they may interfere in the upgrade process.

  7. Make sure 30GB of free space is there on the C drive.

  8. Reinstall the graphics drivers from the manufacturer and try again.

  9. Remove the unnecessary features in Windows you do not use, see this tutorial here. They can cause interference in the upgrade process.

  10. Temporarily disable Overclocking and XMP profiles for GPU, RAM, and motherboard.