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I am currently in the Dev Build for Windows 11 Insider (last update Windows 11 Insider Preview 23451.1000 (ni_prerelease)). I am trying to leave Windows Insider but I cannot switch my Insider channel or select the option to unenroll when the next version of windows releases. This issue has been going on for months. I had a chat with Microsoft support (Case #:1053384493) and was told to post here as they could not help me. I would really appreciate a fix to this that does not involve a complete reinstall of Windows 11. Thanks.






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Can you try removing current WI account and add a different account, see if you can change Insider channel then.

What happens when you click 'Unenroll this device immediately'?


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"It is important to note that when switching channels, Insiders can’t switch to a channel that is receiving builds with lower build numbers without doing a clean installation of Windows 11 due to technical setup requirements."

hi, the switch does not work because , unregistered does not install the stable version of Windows, already for 2 years you need to completely remove the Dev version. to install a lower version of Windows.

The switch works in the Beta channel.


For safety, please remove the insider account address - this is a public forum.