Cannot create new folders anymore

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I am just a normal user. While I was working on my laptop in a non-MS app, and then switched to file explorer to create a new folder, all of the sudden the entire menu of "New" both in the menu bar as well as in the right-click menu had changed and now lists all sorts of apps and not "new folder" anymore but "create shortcut" at the top.


I am also unable to create new folders using the shortcut keys. Since I was previously forced to reinstall Windows 11 as I was desperately trying to deactivate all sorts of disruptive add-ins and did so incorrectly, I wound up paying a hefty fee for a PC guy who reinstalled and fixed things. I therefore do not have the time, or the interest or the further cash to re-reinstall Windows because of an obvious bug in the software.


I think it cannot be expected of normal users to go through all the suggested "fixes" that are described online only to find that none work and that the only one left is the reinstall or other really advanced fixes that are too much for me. Is this a "known" problem by now, or does anyone have an easier fix or what can I do to get my Windows 11 working again as it is supposed to?



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