cannot change projection mode to Miracast device

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I cannot figure out how to change projection mode from second screen only to duplicate for screen casting FROM Windows 10 TO a Miracast device, namely Samsung Smart TV.  I have tried deleting the WiFi device, but it doesn't matter that I delete the device, the OS seems to have that information stored somewhere I do not know where to get to.  I changed the setting from Duplicate to Second Screen Only, and now I want to change it back to Duplicate, but I cannot find any way to change it back.  Does anyone know how to change the setting in Windows 10?

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Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this problem?

@RichardI have the same problem, do you have any update?

Has anyone been able to resolve this problem. I can't get it back to duplicate either and need it working by my next group meeting. Please help...@philipmike