Cancel the Windows 11 Insider Preview update

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Hi everyone,

I just spotted that I've got a Win 11 insider preview update with the Pending restart status in my updates which I really don't want.
I've opted out of the Insider Program(only needed it for WSL2 anyway) but is there anyway to cancel the pending update and not just pause it for 7 days?


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You need to unregister,

If you need an ISO for a clean install, please write.



Hey I am also getting the same even thou I have opted out a day ago. Is there anything to do after leaving the insider programme ?


But you still have windows11, so you need to do a clean installation of windows10 because there is no other option to go back to Windows10.
And since Windows 11 is on your device it will automatically download updates.

hi, of course there is the an option to rollback to windows 10 (which I did due to windows 11 being very instable). After my windows is rolled back to windows 10, I decided to stop the windows insider programme because for now I am not interested in Windows 11. But, here is the problem, after stopping the programme I still have Windows 11 Preview waiting to install.
Have you tried to delete it from the folder or download it again?

I'm not even in the Insider program and I'm getting prompted to install 22000.100
And when I rollback the first thing it does is download it again. Very annoying.



Since this is a big error of the Update service, if it provides a Windows11 update for devices that are not enrolled in the Insider Program - it would really be helpful to report it to the Feedback Center for Windows in the Windows Updates tab!

I wonder how this is possible?