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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Can't update to Windows 11 Insider Preview 26090.1 (ge_release)

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Can't update from Windows 11 Home Insider Preview Build 23620 (ni_prerelease) to Windows 11 Insider Preview 26090.1 (ge_release). I've been in the insider program for years and have never had a problem. Installation always revert to a roll back to the Build 23620,

1. Is there any way for the update to be successful.

2. Is the problem going a ni release to a ge release, if so why is MS pushing this update

3. Should I wait for a more stable update?


Anyone have a suggestion.......MS is not help.

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I also had trouble updating, a green screen with the boot inaccessible warning, in my case I have the primocache program that causes this failure was to disable it and I was able to update the system, check the cache settings, system variables, anti-virus or any other program that acts directly with the computer's memory. Hope I helped.
Go to Windows Flight Hub and Download 26100 from the Canary Channel. Once Downloaded Mount to Virtual Drive and install in place.
I was able to d/l but after searching for updates, my install stops without error or anything.