Can't update Microsoft store in windows 11

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I did a clean install of Windows 11 and after that an update to build 22000.160. But then I saw that I have the old windows 10 store not the new Microsoft store preview. I tried to update the store by going store> library and clicking Get Update. But I did not get any store update. 





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Double check to see if you are still in the Insider Dev channel as after a clean install today pulled me out of Insiders even though I was updated to 22000.168 & I had to rejoin to get the new store and other updates. This did not happen when I first did the clean install of 22000.132 on 8/19.
Did you have to rejoin dev channel?
You can edit local policies in group policies. Then there will be no automatic channel switch.
By the way, my problem is fixed now.
I only had to make some adjustments in Settings, nothing further than that.
"Welcome back to the fight"! (Movie reference)
how did you fix your problem?
Rejoined Insiders in Settings to Dev Channel.