Can't scroll anymore with Surface Dial (build 18999)

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Since I'm testing the new builds for 20H1 (I'm currently on 18999), my Surface Dial stopped scrolling in applications. I can use any other feature (like volume +/-), but scrolling has stopped working. Has anyone noticed the same bug? (I'll try to use it in a Microsoft Store to see if that's linked to 20H1 or to my hardware...).

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@dodmcdund Have you filed feedback in the Feedback Hub?  If so, can you share the link please?



@Eddie Leonard Yes sure,


Actually the Surface Dial works fine on a stable release, so it's definitely coming from 20H1...

@dodmcdund Thanks!  Looks like there were a few other reports as well.  Looks like we already have a bug open for it and a fix is in the works for a future flight.  Appreciate your patience.