can't install Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.26058.1100 (ge_release)

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after the computer downloads installs and restarts mutliple times i get the compter freezing and finally reverting changes and giving me folowing error Install error - 0xc1900101 . I have install other updates before like the following Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22635.3212 (ni_release) without problems. Ireally need help with this one

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It seems that build is not installing properly on your device. I recommend to upgrade directly to more recent build, i.e. 26063, see if it installs. If issue still persists, I recommend to report via Feedback hub.

Thanks for getting back.Much appreciated

Hi @Kapil Arya,

I have the same problem. How could I upgrade directly to a newer version?

The only option I have is "Retry All".


thanks. I guess that won’t hurt


@delong687, I've done it twice but it installs it and then roll it back.

I too have had the same issue. It has persisted for well over a week. The install only goes so far, then it's time to restart. During the restart the update fails to "take". Rinse and repeat a few times until Windows Update rolls back, I can get into Windows, and then the process begins all over again.


Is there a way to reject/remove this update? My only option is to retry.

Just don’t t start the update in the first place is the only thing I know