Can't Install Intel Update Through Windows Update

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I'm trying to install update Intel- System - 2131.1.4.0, and it keeps giving me install error - 0x8007012a. I clicked on retry all, and then the update goes away, but then it comes back often. I try to install it every time I see it, but I keep getting the same error. Is this update important, or should I ignore it? I've left feedback about it. 


Intel Windows Update Error.png

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Are you able to download and install other updates?
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
You may perform a manual update using the Intel's website, take a look at:

@Reza_Ameri I can download and install all other updates, but not this one. I left feedback about it on the Feedback Hub. I couldn't find the update on the Intel website. 

If you visited the Intel's website it has a tool where it scans and find drivers for you.
Have you tried the tool?
Did you install any new Intel driver?
I've used the tool on the Intel website many times to install updates for the wireless driver and Bluetooth. There is no update that matches the Intel - System - 2131.1.4.0 update from Windows Update. The only update available is for the Intel Graphics Windows DCH Drivers, but I never download those because I have a LG Gram laptop, and it has its own set of drivers.
Thank you for sharing feedback.
You may ignore this update and hopefully the Windows team will investigate and fix the issue.
This is a known issue that's listed in our blog post. Appreciate everyone's patience.


@philthethrill i have same problem i tried restart update service stii not working and i instal driver and it still show me error

has this been fixed yet? I have the same problem and also no internet conection without my cable



As @Eddie Leonard stepped down as Community Manager for Windows Insiders:  will this be fixed?

@philthethrill This problem with the "INTEL - System -" is getting old.  
If it is not Microsofts problem, could a responsible person at MS please talk to INTEL about posting this annoying trash to the MS Windows Update platform?

Hello and good morning.

What I found that worked is the following:

Once in the Windows Update window, select PAUSE UPDATES FOR ONE WEEK.

Once you have done this, then select RESUME UPDATES, and then the update should start immediately.

I hope this helps everyone.

@RenekAvalon That is not working for me. 


I just started today a new PC and this error won't fix. 

I've tried from the Intel driver & support assistant too, but with no success.


Thank you