Can't enable enable memory integrity file, hswultpep.sys cause system to crash

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When I restart the computer after selecting to enable memory integrity, a BSOD is shown saying there is a problem with the hswultpep.sys driver. Diagnostics are run and the computer restarts correctly but memory integrity is not enabled. What is the solution?
I have already tried sfc scan and disk image cleanup none was useful. I have provided an image below:


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Hello @AnTic_Win


See if this video fix helps you:



Let us know if this helps!

@Kapil Arya 
This video was about driver incompatibility issues, which I don't think I am having because in the memory integration window nothing is showing like that but what I am having is this error which I mentioned before while restarting the pc after turning on the memory integration. After that similar to your video my memory integrational stays turned off. 


Hi, don't waste your time in the Insider program -> it's not possible to enable memory integrity, did your version of Insider have memory integrity enabled before?

Millions of computers have memory integrity disabled -> Microsoft does not explain what is causing it (but I assure you that the computer is monitored and protected.)

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