Can't download Windows insider builds and updates In Iran

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I always have to use a VPN to download and upgrade my Windows insider fast ring, when I use my original IP address the Windows update says there is no update for download while in fact there Is a new build and the minute I connect my VPN the new update shows up and starts downloading.


I don't see why this country restriction is in place. the same applies to Xbox, when I try to log in to the Xbox insider app it doesn't work and I have to use VPN in there too.

is it possible to lift this restriction for Iran? people are trying to help.

blocking Iranian people from using Xbox or Windows insider programs doesn't have anything to do with our government or nuclear talks. I hope someone from Microsoft actually seems this and if possible pass this along to get this fixed. thanks 

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That's really weird, sorry to hear you're having this problem. you can use this website to download official Windows 10 insider builds and make ISO file, then you can use it to do an in-place upgrade.


by the way the file downloads are all official and come directly from Microsoft servers.

No 3rd party.