Can't download and install Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22622.575 (ni_release)

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The Windows Update must access and make changes to a secure partition. Unless I have expert guidance on how to change the setting of this partition, I will not allow access or changes to be made. This also may void my laptop's warranty. Thus, I request a Microsoft technical support expert to guide me through the process of allowing Windows Update to install this complete download. Currently, it fails at about 6% of the program's download.

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I am having  a very similar problem. Glad to hear it is not just me. Usually my updates have no trouble, but I keep getting the same error as mentioned. The download is 100% complete, and even goes through the install, but then "Install error - 0x800f0988" is displayed. Restarting the computer does not change anything and logs in regular. Hope they get this fixed.

Same exact problem, I always get install error 0x80070002 on this update and I have never had a single problem with updates in the past. I was worried something was wrong on my end but good to see you are having the same issues


in my case it is downloading but at the time of restart it doesn't restart 

i am facing this issue since 4 months 



Hi! I was so irritated by this download failure that I underwent the complete refreshing of my OS (meaning I needed to remove all OEM and personal files and begin anew with an OEM Windows 11 Pro image and reinstallation of all apps and personal files except those that are shipped with by the OEM with the OS.) This is a time consuming procedure and contributes to a serious loss of productivity. Microsoft must make the advantage of being an Insider less deleterious as not only do they caution membership does not guarantee a stable OS experience and cancelling membership takes an indefinite number of weeks to take effect as well.



two fails here today !


No reason given via MicroSoft.



Just tried to do the update, and found the old bad install gone. In its place was two new installs - one for the NET framework, the other was for a Windows 11 update. The framework updated and restarted first. When it was complete, I went back to settings, and the Windows 11 update started downloading and installed as normal.


I'm really glad they got this fixed. I am anxious to see if some of the admin permissions, and hardware installs work as they should instead of me having to find a work-around.



Issue is that Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22621.590 (ni_release) is downloading and when it reach to 100% it just start from zero again..

All preivous updates are istalled.. 

please help!





Hi! I fixed this with renaming C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution to SoftwareDistribution.old, just in case I'll need it later, and then run Windows update, and there were no new updates found. 

Hi! I fixed this with renaming C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution to SoftwareDistribution.old, just in case I'll need it later, and then run Windows update, and there were no new updates found.
i have a green dead screen and my pc just restarting and downloading an update again and that error happening again(

the same as mine, it's almost been a month  since I tried to update my device, do we have any ways to solve this at the moment?