Can I download Youtube videos from my channel on Windows 11 computer?

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Hi tech experts,


I hired someone who manages my own YouTube channels. Now, he left the job and refused to send the record videos to me. How can I download youtube videos from my own channel so I can make a local copy and do some editing. I tried some online youtube video downloader but did not work at all and keep asking me installing unknown apps.


Anyone knows how to do this? 



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It seems a tough task for downloading youtube videos these days. Many browser extensions and add-ons are blocked by youtube official. The one I know is still working, you can test it out by yourself:


Video downloading in progress. This is taken from my Windows 11 laptop.




I personally don't recommend Chrome extensions for dowloading YouTube videos on Win 11. First of all, these extensions usually require a lot of permissions to run, which can pose some threat to your privacy. They can see almost everything you do online. In addition, they take up your browser's resources, which can cause it to run slowly because these extensions take up your RAM.


Then, what is even more worrisome is accidentally getting infected with some nasty adware or malware. You can easily click on something that looks legitimate and end up with annoying ads everywhere. Why not use some software solution or command linke, like YouTube-dl?

If you prefer a desktop application, you can use a tool like Freemake Video Downloader or ClipConverter. These programs are free and can be downloaded from their official websites. Remember to always be cautious when downloading software or using online tools, especially if they're not well-known or have mixed reviews.


I'm sorry to hear that you're having an argument with your previous manager. If you want to download YouTube videos directly from your YouTube channel, the best thing to do is to use YouTube Studio and not worry about using those unreliable download tools. The process is actually very simple:


  • Sign in to YouTube Studio: click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then select YouTube Studio from the drop-down menu.
  • Find a video: Once you're in the studio, go to the “Content” tab on the left sidebar. This will show you all the videos you've uploaded.
  • Download Videos: When hovering over any video in the list, you'll see a menu with options. Click on the three dots for “More Actions” and you'll see an option to download the video. This will download a high-quality version of the video directly from YouTube without using any extra applications.
You might have come across some sketchy websites or software that claim to help you download YouTube videos from channel. But, beware! These sites might be hiding malware or viruses that can infect your computer and wreak havoc on your digital life.
Some websites claim to be legitimate video downloaders, but they're actually just scams designed to steal your personal information or credit card details.

I once visited a website that claimed to be a free YouTube video downloader. But, it turned out to be a phishing site that stole my login credentials and credit card info!


If you're familiar with the Windows command line, I suggest you try YT-dlp to download video from YouTube on Windows 11 PC. It is a command line YouTube video downloader. It has no graphical interface and has been recently updated. You can check the detailed changelog here.

This update includes native progress integration for the aria2c downloader.


Important Bug Warning: There is a known bug in the current version when using aria2c as a downloader. It could cause the download to stop unexpectedly. This issue has been resolved in the master branch and will be addressed in the next release.


In the meantime, you can use the following workaround: add --compat-options no-external-downloader-progress to the yt-dlp command or directly to the yt-dlp.conf file --compat-options no-external-downloader-progress to obtain stability. downloader-progress in the yt-dlp.conf file for consistent performance.

In your case, since you're trying to download YouTube videos from your own channel, it's generally safer to use the official YouTube Studio or browser extensions that are specifically designed for YouTube. Just remember to follow the guidelines and respect copyright laws!


I am also interested in this,

I currently use VLC player to download videos from YouTube.
This may sound complicated and require a lot of steps, but it's actually very fast and only takes a few seconds.

1. Copy the YouTube video link to your clipboard. 2.
2. Open VLC
3. CMD+N (open new file in VLC)
4. CMD+V (Paste link from clipboard)
5. CMD+I (get file information)
6. Double-click the displayed URL and press CMD+C to copy it to the clipboard.
7. CMD+V puts this URL into your web browser.
8. Right-click and download the file with the name ....


I've actually been happy with this method because it's not complicated (although this text format seems complicated), in fact if your don't download YouTube videos often you can try this method.

The only drawback is that for me it seems to have a maximum resolution of only 720p.

I do not support your use of online sites or software to download YouTube videos from channel. As I encountered an issue with an online software, and their support team was unresponsive. I had to search for answers online and waste hours trying to fix the problem!

I will give you a feasible solution. At least so far, I have been using it to help me download YouTube videos. It is ivigo, a free online download tool. Have a try, it cost nothing. You only need to copy and paste the link of the target video to download it. If you encounter download issues, you can use search or log in to the ivigo official website for help. You can input “" in the browser search bar to find its official website page. I hope my answer can help you! @Tania6398 

I do not recommend any kind of online video download tool, as my own experience, I got a virus from that and got tons of ads. You can log in to YouTube Studio, and there is a download option offered. The only drawback is - can only download one by one. If this can't be tolerated, I'd suggest try Ease US video downloader software. It costs but is safe. 


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