Calendar Events in Windows 11

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Removing the ability for users to add, remove, modify, and not least of all even view their Outlook calendar in the same, sane, logical place where it was in Windows 10 was a big mistake in Windows 11 and is one I hope is fixed by October 6th.

We get you're trying to get everyone to use the Calendar Widget that is built into the OS but in my opinion the Widget serves an entirely different purpose and does not come close to replacing the simplicity of clicking on the clock to open up the calendar - where days with scheduled events were all clearly visible; giving users the ability to click on any given day, seeing what was on the calendar, all the where's, who's, and what's all in line, you could add in the address of the engagement and account for traffic & parking time, you could invite others, add notes, and you even had the ability to set either 1 to 2 different reminder notifications that Windows would deliver - all within the systray.  (Personally, I usually set one for the day before & another an hour immediately beforehand.)

I know I am far from the only user who relies upon the Windows Calendar to organize my business & personal life. The fact that (after generating an "app-specific 2FA password", etc. etc.) the MS calendar synchronized seamlessly with my Apple iCloud account as well as my Google account, + events added directly via Outlook, and I could have a single calendar accessible at any time instantly via the system tray, that was in my opinion the best upgrade to the entire user interface provided within Windows 10.

No one is saying you need to axe the Calendar widget (although no one is denying it still needs a lot more development either) but please bring back the taskbar Calendar or provide users with an alternative that is actually comparable in features, ease of use, etc.

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I agree with you.

Currently, when you click the create event button, it will open the in Edge.

Also, it does not have create event button when you have any events on calendar.

It would be better if we can create event within the widget.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 155804.pngScreenshot 2021-10-19 155852.png


I agree. The biggest mystake ever. Please fix this. I'm really thinking of changing back to Windows 10 just because of this.
YESS!! Glad I'm not the only one feeling annoyed here :( please Microsoft this was a huge mistake :(
completely agree. it is now March 2022 and this has not been updated - this blows my mind. this is a huge downgrade. on top of it all, I can't even add my google calendars to the calendar widget, so i have essentially no quick access to my calendar/events now, apart from keeping a browser window or Outlook (calendar) open in the forefront at all times, which is way less efficient


Totally agree, I will not upgrade to windows 11 until it is fixed.



I was able to add an event using the calendar app of windows 11. Give that a go.



@Lt_Mandar But does it sync with outlook calendar?

@tugsuugsg Kindly make an event and check it out please. I am not very knowledgeable about outlook.


add - I checked outlook calendar on my browser and it does synch as far as i can tell. :)

Thanks for taking your time to check. I am having trouble setting up my new work computer. Maybe it is because i am using a local account on the computer.
I use MS account on both office and windows.


I agree with you. I have the two version of windows, and I feel that the Windows 11 is more intuitive in the case of the calendar widget and task reminder. I hope the next update will fix the issue 

The widget would be ok for me, if it allowed two accounts like the main "Time/Calendar" feature in Windows 10 did.  The widget won't even let me sign out and in to my personal (versus work).

Totally agree, just upgraded to Win11 and really disappointed about this "overlook"


As soon as I saw what they did with the calendar in Windows 11, I immediately restored Windows 10. Forcing users to use widgets that are bloated with useless content is a stupid move, and even there calendar's events still don't show and the whole widget seems buggy. Maybe, just maybe, I will try Windows 11 in couple of years, but I don't have any hopes that these things will be fixed. These kind of corporations start to care about users only when they lose them or they lose money.