Calendar events disappeared from taskbar in Windows 11 insider build

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I am on the following windows build:

Edition Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎24/‎07/‎2021
OS build 22000.100
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 421.18901.0.3


In Windows 10, the taskbar calendar used to show events of the day. That has disappeared in Windows 11. Is there a way to enable this?

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@kishorehari This doesn't even make sense. I thought there would be a fix to this. And yes, I do have the calendar on the taskbar, but that's pretty annoying to have to do that rather than keep what was working for years in the first place. Hey, Microsoft. Are you listening?



Yes it opens a date month calendar but none of the agenda items are visible or able to be added or edited, so it is not useful. Need to have full integration with the "Calendar" programme, not with Outlook, back the way it was in Windows 10. 

I thought I was the only, it's super super annoying and frustrating @ralph1988 

No, it does not help. Show or hide the agenda will be helpful if you know how to go about it in W 11
This is good but does not work well
I find this feature convenient, and I don't know how they decided to remove it. They have all the metrics and data analysis to see what they have to bring to the end-users. Not professional on their part.

Ubuntu gets this right, and you can move the taskbar anywhere you want.  C'mon, Microsoft, level up your game!

This definitely helps, but I don't like how the calendar app looks when I open it up. The monthly vies shows my millions of daily tasks in red, and you can't just scroll through the list for the day like the calendar shortcut used to do. It gives me a headache the second I open it up and then I forget what I came there to do. Maybe I'll have to go back to using the Tasks app...

Same issue here, so baffling even I lament the update to Windows11, every one of my gatherings occasions vanishes and I needed to utilize the scheduled gadget, I trust that Windows group will fix this issue in the forthcoming update the earliest. 

We can all see the calendar, we can't add new events to the calendar.
Nope. We can all view the calendar. The problem is we can't add events to it.


Same issue here, Regarding to the Windows10 everyone is doing there best to sort out this problem but i need to know more about it could you please recommend me the best solution to get rid from this kind of issues. Kind Regards,


Download Microsoft's free calendar app @

It will download to your desktop and you can add it to your taskbar

It also includes the ability to schedule events/appointments
Install the old calendar app (that includes scheduling appointments/events) @
It's free & you can add it to your taskbar or start menu.
There's a workaround to this. At least it worked for my use case. Go to Date & Time settings - Date and time - Change date and time - Change calendar settings - Formats - Additional settings - Set the short hour to look like this HH:mm:ss. Apply and save. Go back to Additional clocks - Tick the show this watch option and now you have the time when you check your calendar in the task bar at the bottom right.


I believe decipline is the backbone of success. I depends on this calendar alot for my Business  . Now it creating issues for my day planning.


@Katherine_43It's a simple fix: download the free calendar app. It's the same as the one that used to be included with Windows 10, etc., and you can pin it to your taskbar.

Yes, it's possible to install 3rd party software, or open calendar on your smartphone, or even use paper-based old school to track all the stuff. But previously we had integrated way to quickly check ongoing events with just a single click on clocks, without the need to add another app to taskbar.
Okay, well you can integrate it by downloading the exact same planning calendar at the Microsoft link, and then add it to your taskbar. It's no different, except you have to integrate it yourself. Take it or leave it.